Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dial Up Rage

One of the first things I learned since becoming a stay at home mom is that, much like small children, I need a daily routine I can count on.

Without a list of tasks which have been deliberately prioritized and written down in a schedule format, I can easily find other, more interesting but less important things to put my efforts toward so that by the end of the day I have to scramble to get the normal things accomplished.

One of my many distractions at home is the computer with its delicious internet access and tasty blogroll list. I have to limit the time I spend emailing, blogging, reading, and photo processing in order that I will, I don't know, can the tomatoes before the fruit flies eat them up or they rot into a gooey mess on my kitchen counter. Hypothetically speaking.

Since I am responsibly limiting my internet time, I think it's highly unfair that I continually receive the message "waiting for adfarm.mediaplex.com" which takes many, many minutes of waiting while I wait to access my email account. Or wait to view the next message. Or wait in order to compose a new message. Or wait to delete a message.

Just because Yahoo must have advertisments that pop up every time you do click within their site in order to keep it free, and because we (or, OH, but I'm not pointing fingers....point! point!) are too cheap to spring for broadband is no reason to punish ME, the responsible one! Is it? I. Don't. Have. Time. To. Wait. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

This is all to say that if one day you come over and find me cold, slumped over my laptop, know that it was another message saying "waiting for adfarm.mediaplex.com" that made me have the pulmonary embolism.


Lady M said...

I feel for you. The other day, my PC was moving so slowly that I was almost banging my fists on my desk. Way to be the adult around here. Not!

Melissa said...

no. broadband. oh. dear. god.

kerrianne said...

Slow connections and that little hour-glass icon drive me bonkers, too. Sometimes I have to get up and leave the room while a particular page is loading. It's sad, but it keeps me from hitting the only laptop I can afford to use right now.

: )

(hi! how are you? :) )

M J said...

I don't think I could breathe without broadband. Life would hurt, physically.

You are a strong woman.