Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Schedule Doth Rule My Life...and I Love It

I'm supposed to be exercising right now according to The Schedule. Today however, The Calendar overrides The Schedule and so here I am waiting for the Sears repair man to come and look at my dryer which stopped working last week.

We bought it in April of this year, and so it's probably something dire like the computer inside has eaten itself alive and it will only cost $5,000 for a new one. Plus labor. Warranty, anyone?

Why is nothing built to last anymore? Don't worry, this isn't a rant on shoddy workmanship and a throwaway culture. I'll probably talk about that sometime - like right after I rehash the whole organic vs. non organic debate - but not today.

No, I was looking forward to a run this morning but was thwarted by The Calendar. Luckily, The Schedule has built-in flexibility for times like these. I will put in a yoga tape so me and Rodney Yee can get stretchy; I only hope the Sears repair guy won't catch me in Downward Facing Dog.


Melissa said...

My schedule today was clean the kitchen and leave a gigantic pile of laundry on my couch. Should I write that down? That's pretty much every day - you know, dishes start to smell, and the couch just smells like...downy. What do you think?

Kristin said...

Ok, seriously, Rodney Yee has a big package.

Sun salutations get me everytime.

Lady M said...

My husband and I divide our responsibilities along the space-time continuum. He manages space and I manage time - thus I keep the Calendar. Sounds like yours is quite a master plan!

Kara said...

Hmmm... Sears guy finding one in downward dog has the sounds of the type of movie I'd never admit to watching.

The Schedule: my malevolent overlord.

Melissa said...

ooh. That's like the movie with the pizza guy who comes at odd times, right?


Occidental Girl said...

HA! Good one about the laundry pile. That is usually what happens with mine, although that is not my intention.

Rodney Yee and his package. Ah yes. It's so hard to ignore in certain black Speedo-clad sessions. How can the man concentrate? How can the filmographers concentrate???

That movie with the pizza guy, is that the one where, after delivering the pizza, he delivers the goods? Hm. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

ha ha that made me laugh!