Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Class Parenting

Today was picture day. My Kindergarten-attending daughter's first school pictures ever. I thought, how momentous! How exciting!

So what did I do this morning? I overslept. We rushed out the door after I hastily fixed her hair, brushed her teeth, got her things together although I forgot to put water in her water bottle.

Later that morning, her teacher called. "Hello, is this the wildly inept mommy* of Occidental Child?" asks she.

"Why yes!" I exclaimed, "That's me!"

"This is her teacher," said she. " Today is school picture day and I didn't see an order form in her bag. Perhaps you forgot to send it?"

"Yes, I forgot completely." (shrinks to 2-inches tall with shame. How could I forget?)

"I don't know how long the photographers will be here, but could you run it down to the school? They will take her picture but if you want any, they need your order form TODAY." **

"Okay, yes, thank you, will do..." (continues shrinking to nothing but a puddle of shamey shamefulness.)

Good grief!


*an exaggeration. She didn't characterize me that way, or any way at all.

** this sounds catty. She wasn't catty at all. I am paraphrasing.


Anonymous said...

You're so totally normal. My son is in 5th grade and I do this thing regularly.

Last week I sent the book orders in with the kids, and after school my kindergartener gave me a note from the teacher, wherein she corrected my math, and asked me to return the check.

Yes. I can't add up the price of three books. I felt so stupid I have since volunteered to collate all the reading books for the class.

I have a crate in my kitchen now. Want to help? ;)

Kristen said...

I thought she was calling to yell at you for not putting water in the water bottle...

Anonymous said...

Do you know I apparently "collated wrong?" and am now fixing it?

Dude. Seriously.