Friday, September 15, 2006

Two Posts in a Week is Better Than One

Good grief, talk about infrequent posting. Way to lose your two dozen hits per day, woman.

With trepidation about losing the few (but IMPORTANT - it's not about numbers) readers I have left, I would like to talk about what exercise I did today. Check it: I ran two miles. At first I felt my butt jiggling and thought I should stop and save the poor people behind me from having their eyes burst into flames, but then I thought that if my butt is jiggling I might as well keep going and maybe THEN it would get less jiggly and wouldn't that be better? Genius! However, to stop the jiggling will require a WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING, let me tell you. *sigh*

We are getting into the swing of things for the fall schedule with school and gymnastics for OC; knitting night, yoga class, and running for me; football for OH. I've been remembering to pack OC's lunch box with snacks and to fill her water bottle with actual water! I am a successful parent! For now!

I have also began to get together with my sister once per week. We've done this for two weeks now and so far we've made applesauce at my house and fruit rollups at hers. It's great because we live so close right now but hadn't yet taken advantage of that fact to get together regularly. It's nice. Our girls enjoy it, too. They are about a year apart in age, so they play well together and enjoy seeing each other. And, let's face it, OC has fun playing with another child instead of being with her boring mom every afternoon.

So yeah, I started a yoga class last week, too. It's great. It feels good to have this balance of doing more things I enjoy in addition to all the work there is to do at home. You have to get out sometimes. You just have to.


sunshine scribe said...

You've inspired me to join a yoga class ... I have been needing something like that for a while. But the running? Not so much ... I look like Phoebe on that episode of Friends when I run with limbs flailing wildly everywhere. It ain't pretty.

How wonderful it must be to have a sister so close by. Treasure that.

M J said...

2 miles! Woohoo! I bet your jiggly ass thanks you... and your heart... and your lungs...

I have a 5 km run coming up.. I think that's 3+ miles. I will probably fall on my face on the first km and require emergency first aid. I'm not that coordinated.

Yoga however has a very low accident rate.. have you ever tried pilates? Good stuff. Major burn. I got the Windsor DVD's and can work on my jiggly bits in the comfort of my living room.

Melissa said...

I have a drawer full of exercise DVD's I don't use. Does that count?

I switched from pepsi and juice to diet coke and water and lost 22 pounds, so I'm looking for the easiest route to the next 22. Maybe opening and closing that drawer a lot?

Opinions? ;)

Congratulations on everything balance-related.