Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Problems Solved

Monday, 3 am: took the last prescription pain pill. Six hours later, took Advil which did almost nothing.

9:40 am: Called oral surgeon's office, spoke to whoever it was they pulled in off the street at that moment to answer phones. Told her I was out of meds, took Advil, still ouch, how many Advil can one take in a day? Her response, "What?"


10:00 am: Callede oral surgeon's office, spoke to friendly and knowledgeable person who said I should come in just to have things checked out, and that I could do it today, and that post-op visits were free.

Six Advil later...

3:50 pm: Saw oral surgeon who said everything looked good. Gave me a prescription for more pain meds. Was happy, but still had to drive to pharmacy and wait for refill.

I know I keep going on and on about it, but the pain in my mouth is what life is about right now. It's better now, but then I didn't get much sleep last night due to an annoying discussion with husband last night which didn't get resolved. Sometimes, you (he) just need to let things go and not bring them up.

Today is sunny and bright and I am feeling no pain! So maybe I should go take a shower. In a minute. First, I have to take care of this stupid bedrail problem. I don't know if I have written about it before, but my daughter has her mattress and box spring on the floor because the bedrails we ordered were not the right kind. The store gave us the wrong model number. In the twelve weeks it took for the wrong bedrails to get into the store, we moved three hours away from the store and any store that carries that company's products. Husband made a special trip to the store to get them. That was last winter. Once we discovered the problem, I had plenty of other things to worry about at the time so I did the mature, adult thing and ignored the problem.

Last week, I called the company, and they don't want to pay to pick them up. I need to call the store today, which I am SO NOT in the mood to do.

I hate being ignored. I paid for the wrong damn bedrails and now I don't know how to get the company to pay attention to me. They don't care, the store doesn't care, so here I am.

When my mom was here she made some phone calls to find out if there is a place - a shelter, or something similar - that could use a crib or toddler bed. The bed is one of those convertible cribs, and I have all the pieces to make it a crib or toddler bed, just not the bedrails for the fullsize kid's bed. So, after I make a useless call to the store today (which I feel I have to do just to give them a piece of my mind, which is basically "you suck") I will gather all the pieces together and take them to a place where the crib and/or toddler bed will be useful to someone.

All of that negative energy and months after month of inaction will be turned into something good: a nice, comfortable place for a child to sleep.

That also means...shopping for a new bed and nightstand for OC. Finally, a resolution for both of us. For her, a room that will be put together and comfy. She deserves that. For me, one less problem hanging overhead like a dark raincloud.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got more pain meds. There's absolutely no point in suffering!

I too am being adult and ignoring a problem. The dentist I saw for five years dropped our insurance carrier. At my last visit he said, "you can still come here, though! We just won't take your insurance!" Yeah, okay buddy.

Anyway it's really kind of past the time I should have had a cleaning. I think I found a new dentist, but have only gone so far as to write down the phone number. I think I'll do a drive by first - see if the place looks okay. Then maybe I'll call. Some other day.

I'm totally lame.

Occidental Girl said...

What, is your dentist going to clean your teeth for free now that his office isn't taking your insurance? What a goober.

Take your time. These things take time. I have found.

Loralee Choate said...

I'm just glad they didn't make you feel like a drug seeking patient. I HATE it when they do that.