Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Surgery That's Long Overdue

Today at 11, I am going to have my wisdom teeth removed. My lower teeth have become crooked due to the force from the wisdom teeth pushing forward and which still haven't erupted. I waited so long to have them out that three are impacted. Every once in a while I'll get a headache and my whole jaw will ache.

The oral surgeon seems good, but I have no idea. His office sure is keen on making sure I bring the money (check, cash, or credit cards accepted) with me.

My mom is here from Boise so there is someone to drive me home. She doesn't know her way around Bend so I have a map with our route home highlighted. I hope she can read the street names, because I will be out of it and of no use. I am so glad she's here! No matter how old you get you never outgrow needing your mommy.

OC is thrilled. Mommy will be drugged up, let's go shopping!!! I can see her thinking. Oh, my....

I doubt there will be pictures of my chubby, bruised cheeks, so please enjoy this picture of OC in her swimming mask taken at High Lake in Eastern Oregon:

Yes, that is a much better picture than of me post-surgery.


Wendy said...

Ouch! I hope they drug you up good!

I just found out yesterday that my daughter needs her bottom wisdom teeth out before we screw up $5000 and 2 years worth of braces.

Anonymous said...

I remember having my wisdom teeth out. I hope you feel better soon. Mommies definitely help!

I love that swimming mask so. much.

Carrie said...

Hope surgery goes well and that you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! I'm thinking about you today! I hope your not in too much pain and they give you some real DRUGS - if not, call me - I know someone, but don't tell the cop in the family :)JM

Occidental Girl said...

Hooray for narcotic painkillers! If I go for too long without taking one, it really hurts bad bad bad. Oh man.

Thanks for your comments. I always appreciate them. I can't wait to eat something chewy again.

I still need to post pictures from camping. D'oh! So far behind!