Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Kind of Mother Are You?

I am the kind who told my daughter, "You're not going to throw up." 20 seconds later, she threw up.

That was yesterday morning, 6:45 am. By noon or so, she was feeling a lot better and hasn't thrown up since. No fever. (I'm putting all this in for my mom, who will want to know.)

By the way, I know how to get vomited tomato out of the carpet.


Loralee Choate said...

What is with everyone's children barfing. This is the third blog in a row with little ones that have gotten sick!

I hope she feels better, soon. The no fever is good that it will be a fast recovery (Fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that always the case? "You can hold it one more minute" = soon you will be cleaning up pee.

I'm so glad she's feeling better! I hate it when they're sick, it brings out all the mommy love in me all at once. I still have a vivid memory of trying desperately to carry my then 3-year-old to the bathroom before she got sick, only to have a slow motion view of her, suspended in mid-air, puking all over my bare feet.

And of course I was so much more concerned with her that it took me a minute to be ooged out by vomit toes. There's no other love that can match that!

Occidental Girl said...

Thank you. She is feeling better today, finally.

I told her your story of vomit toes! She liked it, and asked me where it happened. Where? I asked. Yeah, she said, in what building? I said it was probably in their house. Oh, she said.


Anyway. Yeah, that motherlove can overlook a lot!