Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where I Give Away the Ending in the First Sentence Because Foreshadowing is Beyond Me After Having Been up at Three am

This is the story of how I ended up viewing the total eclipse of the moon in the middle of the night.

Did you see the eclipse? There was a total eclipse of the moon between 2:52 am and 4:20 am. We first heard about it while listening to the radio in the car while running our errands during the day. OC liked the idea of the moon being blood red instead of white so after I explained to her what an eclipse was, she decided she wanted to see it. I laughed, gave her a quick idea of when 3 am actually occurs, and told her we'd watch it on the tee vee.

Then, in the middle of the night I woke up after I heard something that sounded a lot like my bedroom door being closed. I got up and went up to her room and sure enough, OC was awake. She told me how she had been about to wake me up, but remembered that we told her she'd get into trouble for doing that if she wasn't sick (long story) so thought better of it and went back to bed.

As long as we were both awake, I thought, we might as well step outside and see the eclipse. So, we did. It was freezing outside, and kind of freaky to see the moon that color. It wasn't quite blood red but a dark, spooky shade of orange.

Our night sky viewing lasted all of two minutes.

This morning I asked OC what an eclipse was, and she described perfectly what happened last night to the moon, that it passed into the earth's shadow. She learned something at 3 am, and I'm glad because she'll remember standing outside in the cold and the dark, seeing at the moon that weird orange color.

All I learned was that I really don't like being up at 3 am.


kerrianne said...

I hate! being up at 3am. Especially because I have to get up to get ready to be at work around 6am. Blech.

But I saw it, too! And then promptly went back to sleep!

Jen said...

We were up at 4am and watched "the end". It was cool!

FreeThinker said...

Lucky you ... We were fogged in here in SF!

Anonymous said...

I think 3am was when I was having a dream about my son's school turning into a creepy dark alley. I would have much preferred the eclipse! :)

swampy said...

The eclipse of the moon totally eclipsed our minds...
You didn't already know that you don't like being up at 3:00 in the morning?
But what a wonderful way to spend it since you were awake.

nikki said...

3am and I are not friends. Unfortunately thanks to my son, I know 3am a little too well.

Lady M said...

Slept through it. It would take one heck of an event to get me up at 3am at this point!