Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hair, Baby

In addition to being OC's fourth day of the first grade, it was haircut day for both of us.


I know I'm the mommy and all, but this girl is cute enough to eat with a spoon if I do say so myself.

I think my last haircut was four months ago. I was desperately in need of color and the good feelings only a good trim brings.

Okay, I took the pictures of OC right when we got back from the salon. I took the pictures of me at the end of the day, after soccer practice out in the wind. So. You know...a little slack with the styling judgments, please.

The above two photos are self-portraits, although not for lack of trying. I asked my husband to take a picture and I ended up with this:



Jen Robinson said...

The last photo is hilarious! I know just what you mean.

Congrats on the beautiful haircuts.

Carrie said...

LOL at your husband's photos. Good haircuts!

wunelle said...

They're all good photos (says the similarly-handicapped male). The girl is, indeed, too cute altogether.

As a new-ish reader, it's nice to connect the face to the type!

Anonymous said...

LOVE! OC is cute as ever and I'm jealous of your cut. I got a cut 2 weeks ago and I wish it was a wee bit longer.

You guys are so cute!