Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interior Decorating

I bought some new things! I finally feel like my living room/dining room space looks like it is in a grown-up's house, and that grown-up is me. This is not nearly as exciting for you as it is for me, but at least you get to look at pictures. Check it:

This is the bar where mommy keeps the alcohol, which in turn makes mommy happy. It doesn't look like it's full. Hm. Writing down: buy more hooch.

I used to have a black and white photograph hanging above the mantle, and my mom said I needed a bigger object there instead. My mom is good at these types of observations, so I listened to her and at the same store where I found the bar (above) they had this:

Voila! Big object to go over the mantle. I like. Sort of doubles as a full-length mirror, or darn close.

Since we're being all practical, I thought that this lamp, which was ON SALE, would go well in the house somewhere. We are in need of more light, and the color scheme fit right in. Well, here, see for yourself:

I need a full-length mirror for my bedroom, and they had one at the same store where I purchased the above items but it wasn't on sale. I spent my "crazy spending money" (also known as "What Budget? money") on the big, round mirror, so, you know. Next time.


AmandaD said...

Incredible. I love the old style, hold it on your finger with the squiggly taper holder candle!

Melissa said...

Can I move in with you? I have a lot of liquor that we can put in our new cabinet.

I spent the "what budget?!" money on new clothes. It just couldn't be put off any longer. :)

kerrianne said...

Czech it: I LOVE the posters. Chris and I are huge fans of vintage posters, circa 19some year we were never alive. Because they are just so awesome, no?

My overall point was: the decorating looks awesome. : )

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Too bad my sorry self cannot seem to get down there for the whole tour!!! Someday! Love ya! ~signed Fluffy

Carrie said...

I love the lamp. That's so cool. It all looks great!