Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Forgot to Say...

In the last post I meant to also say that, getting involved in school is a good thing IF THAT'S YOUR THING. I didn't mean to imply that is was a good thing and everyone must do it and if you don't then I judge you from on high.

When I'm writing, I know what I mean. But I forget to completely flesh out (or I'm just not good at it yet) what I mean and I should really do that because the whole mind-reading thing hasn't gone mainstream. It was either that, or I was high from the sugar in the chocolate chip cookies they had at the PTO meeting. Damn, those cookies were good!

My ex-boss - also known as the Guy Who's Traveled Everywhere Except Ireland - is riding his bike again. This time it's the LiveStrong Challenge in Portland on September 30th. In case you have ten dollars burning a hole in your bank account, I have a solution for you: donate it. He's raised $180, with a goal of $250.

Cancer sucks.

And, thank you.


Amanda said...

Understood. I wish him luck on the bike. I am sending my extra $$$ to a Childhood Leukemia fund. I wish I had more bucks to share.

Amy said...

You're right... cancer sucks. My Aunt Vivvy is in chemo right now from breast cancer.