Friday, September 21, 2007

When Mommy's Away

Last night, I went to a meeting and that left daddy in charge. I don't have any qualms over doing this because OH is a great dad. Very responsible, and happily involved. I remember that before I left I told OC that she needed to take a bath but not wash her hair (we do that every other night) and that her homework was on the table. I showed daddy her math homework and he said he'd help her to complete it.

You know what's coming, let's just get to it.

Here's the list of things that DID happen at home last night:

1) a bike ride in the dry canyon

2) the pepper plants were repotted

3) a viewing of a "Simpsons" episode

4) OC went to bed at a reasonable hour with a bedtime story

I am all about routines and schedules, because that is the glue that keeps my day together, which in turn keeps my sanity from packing its bags and skipping town. Witness the glue:

Beaming colorfully from its station on the fridge where anyone is free to see, attended by Andy Warhol's cats magnet.

Here are the things that DID NOT happen last night:

1) bath

2) homework

When I came home OH was asleep on the couch. I woke him and asked how the night went. He told me what they did, and then I asked about the bath and the homework. He said he forgot to do the homework and that he didn't know that OC needed a bath, but that they did watch a "Simpsons" episode.


Luckily, her homework wasn't due until Monday, and she's gotten a bath every other night so I'm not bothered if she misses one. Or two. Because sometimes I don't give her a bath because I'm just too tired. But, what if her homework was due the next day?

Either he needs to be the only parent at home more often, or I'm going to copy and glue the schedule to the Simpson's DVD box, just to be sure.

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Anonymous said...

I'm much more schedule-based than my husband, too. I've found that even when I'm stressed out because he goes off schedule, things work out in the end. He's found he could be more "schedule-y" and I've found I could be a little more "let-go-y". It usually works out okay now. :)