Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad Karma

While unpacking a box of kitchen items, I reached in and found one of my wine glasses had broken. I found that out when I felt a sharp stabbing pain and when I withdrew my hand it had a bloody cut. A cut, I might add, on the SAME THUMB in roughly the same place as the time not too long ago I tried to cut the damn thing off. You know what? That really f-ing hurt!

We've lived here a total of 20 days and so far I continue to run into the sharp points of open cabinet doors, hit my head on low ceilings, and find fun little 'presents' from the furry ones in places other than the appointed lavatational space.

Bastards. And, what have I done to deserve it? Can a bad attitude coupled with ongoing general bitterness at life in general really be the cause of all this misery?

Oh. My. You are lining up in droves to come visit me now, I know.

This morning, I got soap in my eye and actually couldn't see for a few seconds. It was fun! I got to ponder thoughts like, was I going to get my vision back...or not??? My vision returned in seconds and so that was really the only thought I had time to ponder.

That eye still kinda stings.

Later, my daughter found me lying on the bed with eye drops poised over my eye while talking myself into putting the drops in. I am scared to the point of ridiculousness of putting drops in my eye, generally putting them into my closed eye as I never quite manage to keep it open. I mean, my god, the drop is just sitting there waiting to fall into my opened, vulnerable eyeball! How can one sit still for that? Aaaaaahh!!

I'm going to have to watch my actions because with karma like that I don't need to put anything bad out there lest it come flying back my way. Actions are like boomerangs, and the karma gods know how to throw boomerangs. Unlike myself, which is a good thing I guess.

If I were in charge of karma and it were, indeed, a boomerang-type instrument I'd be hitting people (and trees, cars, the random passerby) with bad karma who didn't deserve it at all while the people who did deserve it wouldn't get their fair share and the whole system would be thrown off all because I never went to Australia as a child and learned to throw a boomerang. Talk about misspent youth.

I'm going to try and not disturb a soul today; to get through the rest of it without incident. I guess I do have something to look forward to. I ran into one of OC's classmates mom who asked me if OC would like a playdate. Woo hoo!

Maybe my karma is about to change.*

*Edited, because I need to watch that karma thing.


Wendy said...

Is that what I did this morning? Piss off the karma gods?

I am constantly hitting my head on cupboard doors.

Kristen said...

Tiara? That is awesome. If it makes you feel any better, at least you aren't 36 weeks pregnant with raging heartburn. Karma is KICKING MY ASS.

marnie said...

Tiara? Wow. A princess/diva in the making.

I go through phases where I hurt myself.. run onto things, take corners too tight and smash my hip on the wall. Hopefully you can shake it soon, before you lose an appendage!