Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Taking a Beating

While unpacking a box last week, I reached in and received a puncture from a vase that had broken in transit. This time, it was on my right thumb and not a reinjury of the first cut from before.

What is the message here? You want me to stop unpacking? I'll stop unpacking! Just tell me what you want and I'll do it! Please!!! I just want to stop getting maimed.


Anonymous said...

One word....GLOVES

Jen Robinson said...

Personally, I've noticed that when I'm stressed out, I tend to injure myself. And I've noticed, with some trepidation, that my Mom does the same thing. In my case, they aren't major injuries, but I'll bump my hip on the corner of the table, or pull a muscle in my shoulder picking up something too heavy with one arm, or, well, there was the recent fondue injury, but that's another story.

Hang in there! I'm sure that once you relax into your new home, the injuries will ease up. I hope so anyway.

marnie said...

Methinks you might benefit from wearing a helmut... just until you are settled.

Hopefully you didn't require stitches... again.

marnie said...

Helmet rather. Not a German man.

kerrianne said...

Yes! Stop! unpacking. Until your needing-to-be-unpacked items promise to be nicer to you. Or else.