Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still Not Online

Local Wireless Internet Company came by the other day to look for the tower. "Can't see Grey Butte," says nice LWIC guy, "which is the radio I brought to test, but Cline Butte is right over there. I don't have the radio to test for that one, but those trees across the street are gonna leaf out this summer and mess with your connection and then you'll be calling us to complain. Do you want me to go get the other radio to test it, though? We do this rating blah blah techie speak blah blah..."

Um, no. I will sit here and feel what it was like back in the damn 19-oughts because I can't read freaking, or post to my blawg, oh my gawd. No big deal, I called Qwest and they can have it going by next week. The only weird thing was that during the call they asked me which of their switches I thought would be the closest. Um, hi, I don't work for Qwest? Nor do I have access to your mega databases, internet, or maps which contain that information so could, um, YOU figure it out? WTF?

Anyway. Back at the library with 12 minutes 39 seconds left.


There are boxes, boxes everywhere. Still.

Spent last weekend at the old house fixing and cleaning. It sucked. SUCKED, I TELL YOU! To be working on a place that is not going to be yours, to still be dealing with your old crap. Oh yes. There is more.

It's sunny and snowy here. Oh, it's snowing right now.

OC is in school, and I'll have to write more about that later. I cried on her first day. It is so hard to leave her at a place I know nothing about.

More later. Library clock sez you in the red sweater, you're time is over!


marnie said...

Oh, I totally take my internet for granted... I would go into severe withdrawal without it.

Be strong. Godspeed.

Jenny said...

I hope you get it worked out soon. I am hungry for tales of life change excitement.

Uprooting your life makes excellent blog fodder.

Kristen said...

AAGGGGHHHH!!! No wireless? I would just lie down and die. How crazy are you going? We are missing you out here in internet land. Hope the move transition is getting better.