Friday, January 19, 2007

Where We Live Now and What We Have Been Baking

Here's our new house:

Want another angle? Sure, here you go:

How about yet another?

I didn't think to take a photo of the back of the house. Want to smack me yet? Allright. Moving on.

I like our house. It was built in 1945 in the what, Tudor style? I guess? I feel really comfortable in this house, unlike how I felt in the previous house, and I think maybe that's because this is the first house my husband and I have purchased together. The previous house was purchased by him and I moved in later, and it really always felt like "his" house. Not that he made me feel that way, it's just the way it was. Now, it feels like our house, and I'm making design and decorating decisions from the start.

OC wanted to make cupcakes for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, so we did:

That girl can frost and sprinkle like nobody's business. Allright, so if you come over, we'll make you cupcakes! Would you like chocolate or vanilla? Either flavor will feature a thick layer of buttercream frosting and enough sprinkles to choke a horse. Which is of course the way cupcakes were meant to be.


Anonymous said...

I am from New England. Your house looks like a modified cape. At least, that's what it looks like to me. Enjoy your new home!

marnie said...

Is that the cutest house I've ever seen? Yes!

I adore your red front door. Fabulous. It's supposed to be very lucky too.

Happy Housewarming!

creative-type dad said...

Your house looks like a dollhouse. With the snow and all, maybe something out of a movie.

Now excuse me while I go search for a cupcake...

kerrianne said...

It's CUTE. I really like the unique entry-way. And I for one would love to see pictures of the back. And the bushes, and even your kitchen table. Because, well, I'm a visual learner like that. ; )

Occidental Girl said...

Thank you! I love this house, even as it conspires to kill me with sharp cabinet doors and slanted ceilings to the head...(see newer post). Good grief!

Octopus Grigori said...

Mmm . . . cupcakes. Do you think we could resolve the worlds problems with a super sized batch of cupcakes? I think so. Especially if they had lots of sprinkles.

chanchow said...

Congrats on the new house. We moved into a 1920s Tudor Revival house last year. It's sorta of like a gingerbread house.