Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quotable Kid

A while ago I was telling OC about how proud I was of her. I was going on and on, and she responded in her usual pragmatic way:

"I'm so proud of you! Gymnastics, reading, drawing....blah blah blah."

"I know," said OC. "I was born to be that way."

In other words, WHATEVER, MOM.

* * * * *

And then there was the time we watched "Between the Lions". The song from the segment called Vowel Boot Camp was stuck in my head. I was singing, (to the tune of 'Sound Off')"When two vowels stand side by side, the first one says its name with pride"!

To which OC pipes up, "It's okay mama, it won't give me a headache!"

Well. That's good.

* * * * *

A case where pop culture comes back and smacks you in the head with the reality of it:

OC: "I want one of those lollipops where if you get an indian you can punch someone."

Oh, she wants a Tootsie Pop. As kids, my siblings and I played the game where you looked at the Tootsie Pop wrapper for the 1950's-era boy dressed as a Native American Indian, and if he was there, we'd yell, "I got an indian!" and haul off and hit the nearest sibling in the shoulder.

It was a game.


It never seemed a bad thing to say, but now do I need to change it to ameliorate any problems by yelling 'I've got an indian?' Is that even a problematic statement? Would people wonder if we were talking Native American or Indian-subcontinent Indian?

Am I reading too much into this??? Maybe?

Ok, probably yes.

* * * * *


"If I was your mommy I'd let you have all the candy you wanted."


"I think it's good. I wouldn't let you have too much in one day. I would let you have one per day."

"What if I wanted more?"

"I would say, 'Go sit in your room and think about it.' And, 'no playing. Try to get it out of your mind. Then you can come out.'"


Wendy said...

My kids think that if they get that Tootsie Pop wrapper, it means I have to buy them another one.

Occidental Girl said...

HA! Good one.

Lady M said...

LOL! Your gal is darn cute. And so is your new house!