Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy President's Day

In the morning we:

- breakfasted
- removed the protective tarp covering the artichoke plants
- folded laundry
- watched "Monsters, Inc"

In the afternoon we:

- lunched
- pruned rosebushes
- rode a tricycle
- climbed a camellia
- brought in firewood
- made cookies
- folded laundry

There is a kind of peace in doing an activity like pruning roses. It's very zen; absorbing without being taxing; repetitive without being boring. It's a cold day, but not windy, and so being outside is pleasant as long as you are dressed warmly. The air smells of spring marching in from the distance and carrying the odor of mulch, a hint of the warmth to come, and an energetic buzzy feeling that the plant life is nearly ready to wake up from its long slumber and share all of their secrets with us.

Plus, it was a nice change of pace from the laundry.

Now, we are inside enjoying the warm fire, eating cookies, drinking tea, and enjoying the Olympics coverage. Despite all that laundry, it's been a good day. Not only because there are cookies, (although let me just say that for me, the mere presence of cookies can singlehandedly ensure a good day) but because there is calm. There is a conspicuous lack of stress, all while things are getting done. I don't feel overwhelmed, I don't feel tired. It feels great.

Meanwhile in the other room, more laundry waits to be folded.

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snowballinhell said...

I spend a lot of time climbing Laundry Mountain, myself. Funfunfun!