Friday, February 17, 2006

I Used to Live in a Temperate Climate

It's a beautiful, sunny winter day. Let me tell you why I have a problem with that:

The sun + dryness + bitterly cold air + wind + static electricity + overheated office + wool sweater I wore to the overheated office = one cranky Occidental Girl.

The sun is boring its bright way deep into my brain, and is in collusion with my sinuses to produce a migraine of monstrous proportions. Meanwhile, my hair is enjoying gravity-defying states of weightlessness and spends more time floating in the air above my head and sticking to anything that comes within a half inch of it, including my scarf, gloves, and face; than sitting on my shoulders like obedient hair should.

The gorgeous, heinous sunlight coming through the window produces a greenhouse effect which necessitates shedding lovely winter sweaters indoors, during weather that would kill you to do so out of doors.

I want 45 degree, rainy days because they don't give me headaches, or make me alternately hot and then freezing. Those are the days when I only suffer the occasional flat tire.

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