Friday, February 24, 2006

A Streetcar Named "Bite Me"

The streetcar and I don't get along. I am usually a half block away, perpendicular to the tracks with buildings in the line of sight so I don't know it's there until it lurches forward, leaving the stop I had almost reached and cheerfully blowing raspberries as it departs. There are usually 18 minutes between trains, which is too long to wait.

Lately I have walked, more often than not, the 22 blocks between OC's school and my office. That part has been good, as it gives me 30 minutes of exercise twice a day. Hey, isn't that what you're supposed to get? Anyway, my butt is grateful for it. And, for the most part, it hasn't rained during the walks so it's nice. The only thing is......what, you thought I might get through a post without complaining? Have we met? Right.

I bring my knitting with me to work on during lunch. When I can outsmart the streetcar and actually catch it, it's a great way to spend those 15 minutes of travel time. Hey, every little bit of free time in which I can do something fun, I take advantage. It's better than mindlessly flapping my gums on the phone like so many dear young things like to do at high volume while riding to wherever they go. There is nothing like looking forward to a peaceful ride to work and instead being forced to overhear conversations like, "He talked to that other girl....and oh my god can you believe it....she is really ugly......that is so boring......oh my god!" Yeah. Not fun.

I will be starting a new knitting project this weekend! That will bring my knitting project total up to two. Currently, I am working on making the scarf which was my practice piece. I also have two crochet projects going as well, in case you thought I was a slacker.

There is a local store that is well known for their sewing and quilting supplies, which I found out has just opened a knitting store. There is even a place for kids to play! Those people are geniuses. I just hope their yarn is reasonably priced, but if not, never fear! I'll use my travel Visa so that the purchase will go toward points to buy a plane ticket the next time we go on vacation (after Ireland). That just makes good sense. How frugal and thrifty is that???

Don't answer that...

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