Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finally! Some pictures!!!

We went to visit my mom in Idaho last month and stayed at their house in McCall, which is right on the lake:

It was hot enough to go swimming:

We hadn't planned on doing so, but we were walking through town to check out the shops and we ended up going into one and painted our own ceramics. I had never done that before. OC chose a My Little Pony figurine:

My mom chose a sun:

On the way home our plane flew right by Mt. Hood, and I took this picture:

The whole stay at home mommy thing is going better. I have been able to blog, email, and read blogs, plus water and weed the garden and get some work done inside the house. Who knew the secret was to not spend all day on the internet? Amazing. Whatever.

I have been having trouble with getting OC to listen to me, but after an incident last week things have been going better. We were at a furniture store and I told her not to touch anything. Two seconds later, she touched something. TWO SECONDS LATER. We left immediately and walked to the restroom where we had some privacy, I got down to eye level with her and told her exactly what she did wrong, told her I was disappointed in her misbehavior, and gave her one swat on the tushie. She has listened well ever since.

I don't plan to spank her every time she misbehaves. In fact, that's maybe the second one she's ever gotten in her life. My goal is to be consistent with enforcing what I say, and to follow through with consequences (timeouts, taking away priveleges, and extra chores) every time. The furniture store touching was so willful I felt the need to make an impression. I told her I loved her and that I was only disappointed in her behavior, especially since I had just told her not to touch anything. She knew what she had done. We had a good afternoon after that.

She's still a happy, harmonica-playing princess:

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