Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad and Country

Sixty five years ago a little boy was born. Through a series of events which included a stint at an orphanage at age 3, adoption at age 4, fighting fires in the summer with the Forest Service, a music scholarship to college, marriage, the Marine Corps and two tours of duty in Vietnam, four kids (one adopted), divorce, remarriage, one step-child, and a long career with the Sheriff's Office, you get my dad in a nutshell. This doesn't begin to describe him or his generosity or sweetness or integrity or humor, of course. He was my step-dad. A man who wasn't biologically required to love me, but loved me because he wanted to.

He's not here to celebrate with us anymore. I wanted to say happy birthday, and even though I don't know how to celebrate without you here, I'm trying to be happy anyway.

I love you, dad. I really miss you.


Mom101 said...

He sounds amazing. I could stand to read a whole lot more about a life like that.

And hey, thanks for the link mention, mama. Happy to be in such esteemed blogroll company.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lou-Lou...love You! C