Friday, July 28, 2006

I Have Arrived...

...and I managed to get online despite never having done so at a remote location before.

I'm hooked up to a high speed connection, ya'll.

(I don't know why I said "ya'll", I'm from Oregon.)

High speed, it is The Shit. I just can't wiggle the cable AT ALL, because it's really loose and will lose the connection. I know because I've done this already. I spent over half an hour trying to get it to connect and read the foreign, digital language and then finally hook me up with some satisfying processing sounds.

Finally, I can't believe it. I am here. Holy cow.

I am in a hotel with some really cool bloggers I know of, and many that I don't but can't wait to meet. I need to find some food and a drink, check in at the conference so I can go to the cocktail party, then get a shower and decide upon an outfit for said party.

Oh, and the toenail polish dilemma? Was decided late last night: RED.

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