Monday, July 31, 2006

My Laptop: Not Just an Expensive, Useless Accessory

It turns out I can get hooked up to the 'net in a remote location, and when said location is a convention for women bloggers and the wireless network is incapable of handling the traffic from all those women, blogging, the ethernet cable works great. I got to post with pictures and everything.

I like to see what people wear when they travel, so in the airport I do a lot of people watching and take notice of the various ensembles. I have learned something from doing this, and I am here to impart that knowledge to you. To be truly comfortable while traveling, one needs to dress in a skirt or a dress with sandals. The whys and wherefores are as follows:

1. It minimizes, no, it eliminates the issue of bare legs sticking to vinyl seats. It doesn't matter if there is air conditioning, your legs will ALWAYS stick to vinyl. It's the lesser-known law of physics.

2. You will not be the victim of too-large looking legs when you sit down and your leg fat spreads. (Yes, you; we all have this problem, even if there is no fat; when you sit, whatever is there, spreads.)

3. You will never again feel the effects of sleep deprivation nor experience crow's feet. Allright, so it won't solve all your problems, but it will solve other things. Like the other three, listed right here.

4. Sandals make flying these days more bearable, on that you can rely. Think about this: if you have a laptop as your carry-on, you must remove it from its bag and send it through the conveyor belt x-ray machine separately, and then repackage it on the other side. You also have to deal with having at the ready your id and your boarding pass, and if you wore athletic shoes, untying, removing and then retying your shoes while keeping an eye on your purse, laptop, and various and sundry children for whom you are responsible.

I say, who needs it? (The hassle, not the children.)

Make life easier and reduce the amount of visible leg fat? It's practically my new motto.


k said...

I never leave for the airport anymore if I'm not wearing something akin to flip-flops on my feet. :)


Anonymous said...

sandals, yes, you hit it right on....the skirt part, full disagreement... loose fitting cargo pants, lots of pockets for all those things we HAVE to have with us and handy - AND, they don't hike up over your head unawares while you are [trying] to sleep in your seat on those long flights

Amber said...

Ahhhh yes. But I shall be using my laptop for something different when I fly home early at Christmastime with my two little ones: as a mini movie theatre to watch DORA!!!!

Kristen said...

I'm with you on the only having to remove as little as possible when faced with TSA. I just tell them "no" now when they tell me to take off my sandals. I didn't wear my steel-toed cowboy boots for this very reason....

As for the leg-fat, ugh. I'm so depressed now.

Send me that picture to my email address at babybrewing at gmail dot com. I would love to have it...