Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Anger Ball

I am in a bad mood today. OF and I had an argument last night that we resolved, but has left me feeling disheartened. I will offer no details; Like I said, it is resolved. I don't feel great about the way it all unfolded.

I was late to work this morning; I had an impending deadline; a longass meeting; and then the deadline extended a little in order to give me time to do more work, thank you very much. As much as I dislike feeling this way, I've been grumpy and unable to feel much love for my fellow human beings. I'm not really mad at anyone, I just don't feel like interacting today. And then I read Miss Dating God, who wrote today:

And so for now, it's about: Keep On Trucking.......Exercising. Eating well. Getting plenty of sleep and snuggles. Writing to you guys to keep the flow happening. Continuing to breathe deeply and watch and relax and trust and know that Life is right and that all is as it should be, all is well, Life is good . . .

What the hell is my problem? She's got a lot more shit going on than I, and yet she finds it in herself to have this really generous, loving attitude. I don't want to feel the way I do, so why can't I just let it go and relax already? Because I am a Type A personality and this shit is new for me, that's why.

But I'm trying. Here goes: breathe, relax, let it all go..... Wishing you a peaceful day. Me, I just want to get it the fuck over with. Oh! Look at that, it didn't take.


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