Monday, September 19, 2005

Early Morning Quiz

This morning as we were getting ready for work and school, the following conversation unfolded:
OC: Mama, why do cats have such small heads?

Me: (What? I don't get it. Small heads? Where did that come from? Because they're cats, that's why, and that's just the way it is. Oh good grief, how am I going to answer this?) Because...they have small bodies.

OC: Oh.

Me: (I did it! I thought like a four-year old and gave her the answer she needed. I am a good mommy! I feel so confident! Who knew I could do that! Please don't let her have another question today, for I am all out of clever answers...)

Later that morning, as we were walking to catch our bus:

OC: My nose doesn't like the air. It's too fwesh. Why does it do that?

Me: Too fresh? Well, it is colder out now, and the air seems dry. It smells dry. It's almost autumn, the leaves are getting ready to fall off the trees, the gardens are almost done making vegetables. Things are getting ready for winter.

OC: Yeah. It hurts my nose. It's too fwesh.

I don't ever want her to pronounce her r's correctly, it's way too cute. One thing she says constantly is "wight, mama?" I could eat her up with a spoon, what with the cute face and cute sayings. Oh, the cuteness!

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