Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hellfire and damnation, they’re back! The little black sugar ants that I had in my apartment last year and crawl over EVERYTHING clean or otherwise and make my skin itch just looking at them, have made a reappearance. I had a reprieve from them for several months, maybe since the spring, and then yesterday I came home to find the kitchen counter crawling with them.

It’s not like I’m a messy person. Cluttered? Yes. Filthmonger? Ahhhh, no. And like I said, they crawl over everything, whether it’s an impressively clean and shiny countertop or freshly washed dishes. They don’t care.

Furthermore, they’re in the bathroom. What the hell is there to eat in there? In the bathtub???

Do you know what is a wonderful cleaner of glass surfaces, which they used to use in the good old days before chemicals came along? Vinegar. Do you further know what liquid repels ants? Vinegar. I have myself a bowl of vinegar diluted with water sitting on the kitchen counter. I dip a paper towel and wipe away whenever I see them. This method won’t kill them in large numbers, but it does make me feel better to have a clean space to make a sandwich.


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