Friday, September 09, 2005

That'll Cost You

Is $2500 too much to pay for wedding photographs? I really have no idea if that is extravagant, or just the going rate for quality.

The photographer I met with yesterday showed me his work, and it was beautiful. He had done weddings at our church as well as our reception hall, so I could see the actual locations. It was quite impressive. They had original angles and their work was absolutely gorgeous. Their studio works exclusively in a digital format, they have two people at the event taking pictures so they cover everything, and they give you unlimited time. That all sounded great. Plus, their offices were located on the east side, not downtown, so I thought the prices would likely be more reasonable. I sat there happily thinking, 'this is the photographer! I want them to do our pictures!' Then he presented me with the prices, after which I sat there grumpily thinking, 'who does this bastard think he is?'

I relayed this information to OF, and curiously enough, he hasn't responded. Does this mean he doesn't want to argue about it, and just wants me to be happy? Or does it mean he's so outraged he can barely find the words to tell me we are not paying that much for photographs? I'm dying to know what he thinks. Sort of. Okay, yes I want to know. I wonder why he hasn't responded? With no information, I begin to imagine several worst-case scenarios. (Yes, several!) Maybe he doesn't want to marry such a girl who would want to pay $2500 for a photographer! That's my top worst-case thought. Okay, it's my only worst-case thought. Usually I have several. It's been less than 24 hours. Given more time, I'll think of other tragic scenarios.

How many guest responses have we received? They are trickling in. At this point, reply cards from my family include one sister, one brother-in-law, one flower girl, one aunt, one uncle and three cousins. My sister is the maid of honor, so I'm glad she will be there. Hello, family! Are you coming or what?!? Just wondering.

Oh lordy, I love planning this wedding, and I can't wait to marry my sweetheart, but let's get it over with already. I just want it to be beautiful and perfect, and fun. Is that too much to ask? There are so many details to work out, my anxiety meds can hardly keep up......

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