Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Comments 101

I know that the comments area is somewhat difficult to figure out, because there is an email icon right next to the comment link and you might think that icon was how you left a comment. But no, they are separate functions.

To leave a comment, mouse-over the word "comments" at the bottom of any post. Click on it, enter your name and email address, or nickname and email address, write your comments. When you are done, click "post comments" at the bottom of that screen. Voila!

Keep in mind that your comments can be viewed by whoever looks at this blog, so keep it clean. Ha ha! Just kidding. Who cares about clean? Just be aware of that, and write whatever the hell you want (that makes me look good, of course).

Oh, that email icon? Is how you email the text of the post to a friend. This comes in handy whenever you need to share what brilliant writing or thoughtful insight I had.



So, there you go, that was Comments 101. Use it to speak your mind, and provide feedback on the contents of my mind, which appear splashed all over this blog.

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