Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oregon Politics

I am a Democrat, and have been since I registered to vote back in 1991. I don't care much for partisan politics, but rather for issues and ideas no matter where they originate. I would characterize myself politically as a Centrist with Democrat leanings. Generally, my tendency is to look for solutions that garner the best results for the most people. I support ideas and laws that are fair and just, and I care about responsibility in all forms; Whether it's the responsibility to take care of one's own family, of one another in the community, or our environment. I respect common sense and high personal character.

I believe we could save a lot more than money if we conserve our resources. I don't believe money is the most important factor in most decision-making, but at the same time I realize that most decisions are made with money given the highest priority. This is true for business as well as politics.

I believe there are good and bad people in both major political parties. I don't agree with every idea the Democratic party espouses, but I agree with it more than I do the ideology of the Republican party.

And, Lord help me, I married a Republican! Not just a casual Republican, but a card-carrying, party-supporting, money-donating Republican. He is thoughtful in his beliefs, and so I respect him for that, even if I don't always agree. Interestingly, I think we agree on most things. How are we of two different parties? Because that's the way it is. It will make life interesting about every four years.

We have a Democratic Governor in our state at the moment. He is liked by many people all over the state, even rural areas. Here in Oregon, we have a great political divide between metropolitan Multnomah County, which includes the city of Portland, and the rest of the state which is largely rural excepting a few major towns and cities. Democrats usually are seen as being "for the city", while Republicans "for the rural areas". Sometimes that is true, other times it is not, but that is what sticks in people's minds. I am glad to see someone like our current Governor, who can bring these two opposed viewpoints together to find some kind of common ground. He's not universally liked, but after all, you can't please everyone. He does not have the same kind of "city folks like him, country folks don't" kind of rating as some Governors here have had.

In October, Governor Kulongoski gave a speech that was broadcast on the radio. It was a great speech, highlighting how honest, honorable, and non-partisan he is. He seems to care about bringing people together to look for solutions, rather than politick and play games. He makes an effort to represent all of Oregon, to be inclusive rather than exclusive and act power-mad.

I like that he's worked blue collar jobs; I like that he was an orphan and joined the Marines and went on to become governor. Most of all, I love that he has gone to EVERY FUNERAL FOR AN OREGON SOLDIER OR GUARDSMAN KILLED IN IRAQ. Every. Single. One. That says to me that they are not a number to him, but an individual, and that it's important enough to go to the funerals and remember the sacrifice. It makes me respect the man even more.

I'm not fond of the idiot in the white house. That's not because he's a Republican, it's because he's an idiot. Thank goodness we have Governor Kulongoski to brighten up the political scene here in Oregon!

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If only every single voter was like you. And I do not mean a democrat. I'm referring to the thoughtful, rational, good for everyone, common-path seeking person.

Unfortunately either such people are in short supply or they decide not to vote. :(