Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Plans

Thanksgiving plans are as follows:

Thursday morning:
- drive 2 hours to visit in-laws
- eat enormous amounts of yummy food
- watch Broncos play at 1 pm (Go Broncos!)

- drive 1 hour to meet husband's grandma, who couldn't travel to the wedding

- drive 15 minutes and visit hilarious and fun Uncle and Aunt

- drive 3 hours to scout high school football game, because OH's team is in the playoffs (Yay! they are in the playoffs! Also: Crap! They are in the playoffs! That means a longer football season.)

Friday night:
- go home

- Do nothing for as long as possible. Okay, maybe clean and organize a little, because G-d, the mess!

- Repeat Saturday's agenda

Happy Thanksgiving!

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