Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday was Monday. The bad part was that I had to work that day. The good part is that it was a great day. I barely feel 23 at all!

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Kidding. I'm 32.

My husband cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. God love 'im, it was really good. There was also a sweet, romantic card. Oh, the sweetness! Oh, the romanticness! He did not just pluck a pink card off the shelf. No, he put some thought into it.

Once I got to work, my mom called. (Hi, Mom!) It was nice to hear from her. At midmorning, I got a call that there was a delivery for me. At first I thought it was a new drum kit for the color printer, but it turned out to be a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Guess who sent them? OH. More sweetness!

At that point, I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, and very cared for. OSEAST left a message on my phone, OSWEST sent me an e-card and brought over my present over the weekend. My friends emailed greetings. It was lovely! I have to take a moment to say to all three of you reading, that I have the most wonderful husband, friends and family that I could ever ask for. I love you guys.

I had lunch with my friend, let's call her Vendela, because she's hot like a supermodel. Anyway, she's very sweet and got me a book on Vancouver B.C. because I mentioned that I was looking forward to traveling there soon. And, some yummy-smelling bath lotion.

But the sweet, romanticism from OH wasn't over yet. I came home to find OH cooking stir fried tacos, and he had champagne ready to go. He had also gotten cake. Holy Cocoa Bean, Batman! The cake! It was goooood eats. It was a Boston Fudge cake, or something like that. It had chocolate fudge, chocolate and cream filling, all over a light white spongecake. It was DEFUCKINGLICIOUS. There was also a present, which turned out to be a Denver Broncos sweatshirt! Hooray! I need to digress a bit here to explain how cool this is.

I have never been a fan of any particular football team. My husband is a sports fan and he has his teams (Vikings, Patriots). Although he has been a long-time Viking fan, they have fallen into disfavor with the recent hooker-boat incident. You know, I'd really just like to eat some hot wings and watch some Sunday football, and not think about how many professional athletes abuse their wives, cheat on their girlfriends, and/or take drugs. It's depressing. My hope is that they don't all act like that.

I decided that I needed to have a team, too, so I could have a team to root for, and to follow and pay attention to (verses the zero-amount of attention I currently give every team).

After giving careful thought and considering several teams, such as the Patriots and Chargers, I narrowed it down to one. I didn't choose the Patriots because I didn't want to be seen as jumping on the "Hey, They've Won the Superbowl a Couple of Times, I'll Like Them Now" bandwagon. As for the Chargers, they just weren't resonating with me. I settled upon the Denver Broncos for many reasons: because I liked their team colors, they are a western team, they have a good quarterback, and a fairly decent behavioral reputation. It all fell into place. So, I am a new fan but I had no official fanwear. It's so cool, because now I can represent.

What a great way to usher in my 32nd year......or is it my 33rd year? How does that work? I think I am starting the 33rd year. Anyway. It was a good day.


april said...

happy (belated) birthday!

Occidental Girl said...

Thank you! You're too kind.

Inside, I'm thinking: A comment! Yippee!

You're thinking: L-O-S-E-R....