Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At Least She Knows the Important Things, Like That There is Cable

OC: "Do we have cable here?"

ME: "Yes."

OC: "So that means there are cartoons on at night!"

ME: *sigh*

We are staying in McCall, Idaho at my mom and uncle's house. We escaped the oppressive heat of Portland (100 degrees) and came to Idaho where it's a more hospitable 88.

The house is right on Payette Lake, but the water is full of freezing cold snowmelt. The most we can do without getting hypothermia is get our toes wet and then go back on the grass to warm up again.

This house has the best shower I've ever experienced, and if you don't think there's any difference between showers (and I am only speaking of normal showers; crappy hotelroom showers with a wide spray that don't rinse you are not included) you are wrong. This shower has four heads. One up high, two on the side, and one that is removable, and you can decide which you'd like on or off or choose any number of combinations. It's like a car wash, that shower. All it needed were some shaggy blue spinning rotors and one wouldn't have to do anything to get clean except for get into it and possibly remember to tip the guy who dries you off with a towel at the end.

If you do happen to turn around while you're in there, you can look through the glass door, over the jacuzzi tub, and out the windows which look out onto the lake.

What I know about McCall so far is this: the brewpub has good beer and nice waiters who turn the tv to the NCAA college baseball championship game for you so you can watch Oregon State win. (OMG, they WON!!!)

Also, said Nice Waiter will give you extra whip cream to take home with your to-go box of black forest cake. This is useful information if you happen to go there with your mom and your daughter and your mom feeds your daughter, along with most of the frosting, all of the whip cream.

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