Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just Another Day in Idaho

So last night was weird. There were boats out on the lake after dark, which is very unusual according to my mom. We watched one boat go by quickly out in the middle of the lake, while another boat cruised very slowly near the shoreline past the house. There was also another boat that had what looked like a searchlight, and was out there for hours.

This morning, there was a jet ski in the water with no rider, floating in front of the house. That could not be a good sign.

Yesterday was fun, except for OC didn't get to go to the park. We are planning to find a park first thing today for the poor, patient girl. Yesterday, OM wanted to show me the bead store, which also contained paint-you-own ceramics, and while we weren't planning to do any painting, painting is what we ended up doing. For three hours. It got hot in there, too, so by the end OM was a little cranky (and she freely admits it, too, which is good because it was obvious :D).

OC chose a My Little Pony figurine, which she christened Serena Pinky Pie. OM chose a sun which can hang on a wall, and I chose a small dragonfly which can also be hung. Both OM's and mine are without names, because how can we top Serena Pinky Pie? They fire and glaze it for you, and we'll have ours shipped home in about a week.

It really is beautiful here. I hope the lone jet ski became unmoored and is not part of a tragedy. They have some strange ones here in Idaho.

There was the guy who murdered his wife, decapitated her, then took the head for a drive. He got into a bad accident along the way, killing a woman and her 4-year old and putting the 8-year old in the hospital. But he was fine, of course. He couldn't explain the extra head at the accident scene, however, so he was arrested and thus began the murder investigation. Apparently this has made national news but I wasn't yet familiar with the story. It's shocking. I can't get over the fact that he survived the car accident. That's not fair. But then again, life is that way.

What a crazy, crazy world. Meanwhile, I think I'll go spend some time in the magic shower, and think happy thoughts.

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