Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere But the Garden Isn't Getting Any

I tried to be resourceful last night. I thought: put OC in the bath, get watering the rest of the garden done. The windows were open so I could hear her if anything went wrong. In retrospect, I could have killed two birds with one stone by having OC stand in the garden while I watered, thereby getting both things done. But, I'm not a big birdkilling fanatic, plus the water coming out of the hose was cold, so I stuck with Plan A.

It started out allright, but then I thought I heard crying. I went up to the window, and there she was. Naked and crying. I went inside to see what had happened. She wasn't hurt, but she was scared.

"What are you afraid of?" I asked her as we walked back to the bathroom.


"What, honey?" I tried again, but only got the same response. It took several tries to learn what was frightening her so badly. It was......volcanoes. She was afraid a volcano might erupt in the bathtub because volcanoes are round at the top, just like the drain. It's true we live in the northwest, ring of fire and all of that, but this was ridiculous!

Needless to say, watering was not going to happen. I coaxed her back into the tub and she got her bath with me there to ensure I could save her if the nonexistant volcano did indeed erupt.

This is not her first bathtime fear. Another time she was afraid a shark was going to come up the drain. I told her the only shark that could ever get into her bath was her plastic purple bathtub shark toy. She didn't seem to believe me until the bath was over and all was well.

I finished the watering after she'd gone to bed - in the dark.

I'm coming to see that she wants my attention - BAD - and so I'm going to figure out how we can both have what we want. We both need to spend time together, paying attention to one another, and I need to get things done sometimes in peace and quiet.

I think we can do both of these.

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