Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Events From the Last Day in McCall

The jet ski without a rider turned out to belong to the neighbors. They had beached their skis, but didn't tie them, and one had come loose and was floating about on its own at some point. They recovered it this morning. That doesn't explain the unusual boat activity of last night, but we did go in the water today and I can report that no dead bodies were seen by OM, OC, or myself.

Which is not to say that I did not actively look for one that may have been floating in our direction the entire time we were in the water. I don't have Generalized Anxiety Disorder for nothing, you know. The dock is old and part of it was flooded by the last spring storm so it floats lower in the water. I kept thinking what a great place that was for a body to become lodged, and then I couldn't get the imagery out of my mind. I managed to keep my cool because luckily, the water in the lake is nice and clear so if there was something in the water I would have seen it before it touched me. *shiver*

We found a park for OC today, which was enough to satisfy her insatiable park cravings for the moment. Other highlights included lunch at the marina restaurant in which the message was: Order at the counter you lazy, capitalist tourist bastards, then we'll bring the food out to you so it will still merit leaving a tip. We will not bring you anything else or check on your progress, however. Thank you. Leave lots of money. Goodbye.

What else...oh yes! A little more shopping in the stores in downtown McCall, more groceries from Paul's, (which I incorrectly called Ralph's a couple of posts ago. Ralph's is in Oregon. Please forgive my confusedness.) and some ice cream cones.

Right now I am stuffed full of basil, tomato and mozzarella pizza along with a giant bottle of Newcastle. I am waiting to have room to eat some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. (Yes, I had a huckleberry ice cream today but that was earlier, so looooong ago, when it was hot. Whine.)

The time has really gone by quickly. Tomorrow, we leave for Boise and catch our plane back to P-town. I can't believe that this visit is all I get to see my mom for who knows how long. I'm going to miss her, cranky (at times) and all.

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