Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello, I'm Alive

I can post again! For several days now, Blogger has been giving me the cold shoulder. It's a long story, I'll sum up:

I don't have the internet at home right now because my laptop had a virus. I went to reinstall the operating system in order to wipe out the hard drive, but ran into an error message I didn't know how to get around. A nice young man in India from Windows Support helped me through it, however, and now I have a fresh new hard drive! However, because of the virus, I didn't back up anything from my previous system and so - no drivers. Yay! No, not yay, actually. It is bad.

So here I am, at the public library where I have come all week in order to check email and to post an entry to my blog. But hark, what has been happening at the library's computer station? I can access email, I can surf the net, but Blogger's site has been completely unfriendly and hasn't let me log on...until today, that is!

I have felt so...pent up, so unexpressed. Amazing how much writing a little blog entry makes everything better.

I've asked my husband to download the drivers at work and burn a cd to bring home from my laptop manufacturer's website due to the catch-22 of needing a modem driver in order to access the internet, where the modem driver that I need resides.......AHHHHHH! I hate catch-22's. Rather than a cliche of unknown origin (at least to me), they feel more like brick walls upon which I've been beating my head upon all friggin' week.

Other things of note this week: We saw "Over the Hedge". It's a great movie, but good for adults, too. Love the part where they pan out to show the earth and you see a little mushroom cloud of cheese when the animals open a bag of cheesy doritos. So funny!

Oh my goodness, I'm so delirious with posty goodness I can't even organize my thoughts.

I look forward to having computer problems behind me so I can go back to recording funny things OC says and does. She said something funny this morning, and I wrote it down on an envelope so I wouldn't forget and so I could blog about it. I left the envelope at home.

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