Thursday, June 22, 2006

Steve Wouldn't Hurt Us!

*Blatant theft of clever dialog from current movie release*

*Okay, it's from Over the Hedge. Go see it. It's funny*

Something's different today. What could it be? I'm reading blogs and checking email like I do every morning, but something is definitely different. Missing.

I know! There is no background noise (really, it's foreground) telling me the number of the day. I also don't know the letter of the day, nor do I hear Prairie Dawn, Maria, Oscar, and the rest of the gang. Oh my god the tv is off!!!

That's right, I am typing, reading, emailing, in perfect, beautiful silence. My child is still asleep.

We really should do something about the computer being in the living room. Right now, it's the only place it can be if I want to be connected to the internet and I want to be connected to the internet as much as Michael Jackson wants to be surrounded by little boys. So, for now I have to suffer through background noise of PBS Kids. It gets a little distracting.

I've taken to posting at night, after OC has gone to bed. The only problem with that is I'm usually wiped by then, and can't put together an interesting post to save my life. (As opposed to other times...Heh)

Ideally, we'll set up the computer in another room, and have a faster internet connection to boot. There is always the fall, when OC goes to school for four hours a day. But I'm not counting the days at all. (68.)

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