Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Day

My first day at home, and this is what I did:

- talked to my (only?) stay at home mom friend for like, an hour, catching up since we hadn't talked in years

- stopped at OH's work to bring him lunch; got kisses at 11 am

- went to gymnastics school to pick up schedule for OC

- picked up information and application for vacation camps for OC

- went to car dealer to pick up a part that broke off when I last had a flat tire, and found out why my car was leaking water (a plugged drain hose from the sunroof, and they fixed it for the dealer...Freaky, right?)

- had lunch with OC

- went to a park with fountains that we used to pass every night on our way home; OC checked it out to her satisfaction

- stopped at the frame store to have a poster framed which was a birthday gift for my father-in-law; $200 later, the poster will look great and will be ready in two weeks

- went to Fred Meyer and got odds an ends: a bigger pot for my Norfolk Island Pine, the plant my mom gave me when OC was born (it is growing well, just like OC); a filing cabinet for papers (we are about to be overrun with Important Papers That Must Be Saved But Have No Clue Where They Shall Be Kept); file folders; I forget what else.

Am currently enjoying a glass of red wine and thinking about what to have for dinner. I do not feel stressed out at all, but being gone all day made me feel like I didn't get much done. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

(Cue music from "Gone With The Wind"...)

I happened across a post from my archives the reminded me why what I am doing is the right thing. It is, and it feels good.

My wineglass is empty, gotta go!

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