Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dueling Microphones

I'm back, baby! Got my modem driver reinstalled, and I'm typing this from home. Freedom! No more lame library "time limits", I can be online til the cows come home.

Tonight we had our own version of "Dueling Microphones". OH was giving OC a bad time because the other night I had her try on some shoes I bought for her a while back in a size that was too big for her at the time. I thought the shoes might fit now, but they are still a little too big. She wanted to wear them anyway (because they are Hello! Kitty...duh) and so she did. The thing was, she kind of clunked around in them, being as they are too big and all.

Tonight for some reason, OH got stuck on calling her Big Foot and she would yell back, "I'M NOT BIG FOOT!"


Many times.

As this went on (and on and on and on) and they chased each other back and forth in the house, once OC ran up to me I told her to go sing a few lines from "These Boots Are Made For Walking" (take THAT!). I gave her three lines, she repeated them once to me and then she was off to tell OH. He came back with something I didn't hear.

She ran back to me again, and I started to tell her to go say "Take this job and shove it!" but thought better of arming a sharp five-year-old with mildly inappropriate-for-her-age lyrics which will only come back to bite me in the butt at a later date. (Foreseeably that date would be her first day of Kindergarten, whereafter I will be known as the "Potty-mouth mommy". It's okay. I can deal with the label, but OC shouldn't have to.)

Instead, I told her to say a few lines from "16 Tons" as a way to express, you know, carrying a heavy load, i.e. her father's incessant teasing, to get the point across. (Because an metaphor-teaching mommy, THAT'S respectable and totally going to get her points with her Kindergarten peers! Yeah! She will be the Kid With the Dorky Mom. Woo hoo! Mission accomplished= I am a dillweed.)

My daughter, who never forgets to ask me while in a public restroom if I'm pooping or peeing, or to tell me even the most mundane detail of some random thought she once had, ran over to OH and promptly forgot the words.

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