Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Should I use pseudonyms or real names? I read blogs that use real names, and blogs that use pseudonyms, common nouns (e.g. husband), or nicknames. I still can’t decide. For now, since I am Occidental Girl, my child will be Occidental Child, or OC. Until I can decide one way or the other, I think I'll use these pseudonyms.

Here’s the thing about me: I take a long time to decide things. I mull, I ponder, I mull some more. Once I decide something, however, I stick with it. It may be an annoying process, but it’s what I do. I like to take time to consider all the possible outcomes, ramifications, and try to see how it fits in to the bigger picture. I am an INFJ, after all! This type of decision-making process has a fairly obvious downside: It takes a long time to make a decision, and since I can’t know all of the possible outcomes, it is sometimes an unnecessarily agonizing process for me. What I do is try to balance out the agonizing pondering against the quick, on-the-fly decisions depending upon importance. It’s not an easy thing to sort, but when I can do it, it does make life easier.

OC was cracking me up last night. She is 4, and says the funniest things sometimes. Hmm. I should have written them down last night because they are mostly gone now. Another thing about me: I have a bad memory. Here’s what I can remember:

Me: Did you go to the park?
OC: No, because somebody took the van. So it was an interesting day.
(Note: Another group used the preschool’s van; the phrasing makes it sound like it was stolen, which is what I thought at first. It was an interesting day, apparently, because they DIDN’T go to the park…)

Later, as we were sorting beads:

OC: That is not appropriate!
Me: What?
OC: There was a bug in the beads.
Me: Oh, really? What kind of bug?
OC: No, I mean a leaf. There was a leaf in the beads.
Me: Well, thank you for removing it.
OC: You’re welcome!

Really, she comes up with the most hilarious things. That didn’t quite capture all the silliness that is OC. And she’s four, so it’s pretty funny to hear words like “interesting” and “appropriate” come flying out. You have to see her face, all serious as she says things, too.

It's good to revel in the cuteness….

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