Thursday, July 21, 2005

Snack Food

I have issues with food. I love popcorn and chips and bread, but my body tends to balk when I eat the kinds of foods that contain corn, eggs, dairy and wheat (I suspect this last one…am currently testing my theory). Snacking can be hard, when it ventures out past the realm of fruits and vegetables. Crackers, for instance: nearly all the good kinds are made of wheat. Chips use corn oil. And popcorn is all corn and butter. I indulge in the movie theater kind every once in a while because I just cannot help myself, but if I load up too often, I get the kind of headache that it takes about 4 Advil and a dark room before it subsides. Ick.

So I try to limit these “offensive” foods. That’s why I am very excited about these chips, which I buy in the natural foods section of Fred Meyer: Lundberg brand Rice Chips. They are so yummy, and they’re practically good for you! Okay, they’re still chips and cooked in oil, so I can’t quite say they’re good for you, but if you must eat chips, eat these. The reasons I love them are many:

- there are no fake ingredients, like Red Lake #5 or some such thing.
- many ingredients are organic
- less fat than regular chips
- salty, thick crunchy goodness
- the taste! They are fanfreakingtastic

My favorite flavors are Pico de Gallo and Sesame and Seaweed. Yes, they have some corn in them, but brown rice is the first ingredient. In small amounts, and with no other corn in my diet, I do okay with them. And sometimes “health food” can mean “tastes gross”, but I would not steer you wrong where taste is concerned. Go get yourself some, pronto!

I am interested in food recommendations, please, especially those that avoid the aforementioned headache-inducing ingredients. I love talking about food, almost as much as I love eating what others cook for me...hee hee!

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