Monday, July 25, 2005

Summer Wind

Summer has finally arrived here in the Northwest. The past few weeks have seen temperatures in the 80’s and low 90’s. There is also a cool breeze from the northwest that makes the nights quite pleasant. This weather is about as perfect as weather can get in the summer. We’ve been getting out to enjoy it as much as possible.

This weekend, OC got to play with a friend her age, both on Friday night and again on Sunday. Friday night was Parent’s Night Out at her friend’s school, where the kids got to have dinner and do fun things, and the parents get to have time to themselves. Occidental Fiance (OF) and I had a date, and went to dinner at Thai Orchid, then for a stroll on NW 23rd. The street was busy with people enjoying their evening, it was fun to be a part of that energy. We window shopped, then ended up at Papa Haydn for dessert. That was his idea. Oh yeah, I love this man!

Saturday, OC and I had a lovely day on our own. OF went home to work in his garden, which he felt was neglected. I did cleaning and laundry, then OC and I went to lunch. We also went to a new bead shop where she was very well behaved and patient while I shopped. I am having so much fun learning to make things with beads! I made a bracelet and earrings for myself in no time at all. I love making something with my own hands, and I also love the instant gratification of having a product that's pretty and sparkly, and can be worn in such a short time!

Sunday, OF and I took the girls to the play park at Washington Park, where we also had a picnic.The girls got tired early on because of the heat, but they had fun being someplace different than the normal neighborhood park.

Last night, I did a sinkful of dishes and got ready for the week. I was able to start a new book ( Angle of Repose, by Wallace Stegner in case you were wondering), and read until it got dark. What a treat!

Boo hoo, Monday already. I wasn’t done with the weekend yet.


LilRed said...

Hola! Hope you don't mind ... but I came across your "Ugly Wedding Dresses" link and would love to share it with readers of my blog (giving full credit to you, of course)!

Have a great week!

Occidental Girl said...

No problem. I came across it via another blog, so please, spread the word. It's hilarious, as you well know!

Thanks for reading.