Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Girl and Her Shoes

A couple of weeks ago, OC told me she wanted a pair of Dora sandals, as in Dora the Explorer. She needed some summer sandals, and so the weekend before last I was able to find a pair with Dora on them and bought them. She was so very excited. She kept thanking me for them, again and again.

She's had them for over a week, and for some reason thinks I got them at Payless. I don't know why she is concerned about where I got them, but allrighty then. We walk by a Payless Shoe store everyday, so it must be fresh in her mind, because just yesterday as we were walking by it she said, "That's where you got my Dora sandals, right mommy?" To which I tell her that no, I actually got them at Mervyn's.

"Where is that?" asks my inquisitive child.

"At the mall, honey." I reply.

"Oh. I didn't even realize they had Dora sandals at the mall!" said OC, enthusiastically.

Ah, sweet innocence and simple pleasures.

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