Monday, August 22, 2005

I Have Arrived

I arrived on Lopez Island, Washington at 3:15 pm Sunday afternoon, which is the first ferry stop on the San Juans out of Anacortes. The weather was gorgeous, the 45-minute ferry ride was easy and scenic. I stood out on the bow and watched the boats, and saw a seal stick his little head out of the water.

Once on the island, I drove past the mile-long line of traffic waiting to leave the island, and got to the guest house where I was staying and got settled. There is a beautiful view from the outdoor patio, and it was there I talked on the phone to both my sister and fiance. When I returned inside a yellow jacket was flying around. It had gotten in the fairly small crack where the screen door doesn't shut completely. I tried to herd him out, but he was having none of it. Then I thought, "What am I doing? This is a yellow jacket - kill it!"

My future mother-in-law had gotten stung by a yellow jacket a few days previous. My dad was a beekeeper, and yellow jackets are mean to honeybees. There was no question, this dude was going down. I was a little scared, because what if it stung me? I am on vacation, damn it, and I didn't have baking soda in my first aid kit. I would have to go crying to my hosts to help me, and I really didn't want to endure a bee sting.

With all of this in my head, I grabbed some paper which was a map to the bicycle rental shop, and patiently followed the yellow jacket while it tried to find an opening in the window. It would land briefly and then fly around again. On one of it's landings, I smashed it! It fell to the floor where I smashed it again. It was a triumphant moment. Lookout, motherfucking yellow jackets: Vengeance is mine!

By then it was 4:45, and time to get ready for dinner.

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