Friday, August 19, 2005

Kitty Kola

We are cat people, OC and I. We have two cats, but Dakota is the more snuggly one. That's his real name, too; he is less concerned about anonymity in cyberspace than I. His nicknames include Kola, Pooky, Chunky, Poopsie, and Peaches Cheeks.

Here are some random shots of Dakota getting some snuggles. We think he looks pretty in pink. He's neutered, so I'll bet if he could talk he would tell us he thought pink was nice, too.

Dakota likes to snuggle, while Sable (yet to be pictured here) is more of a "give me 5 minutes of scratching and petting and then be off with you" kind of kitty. He's sweet enough, he just likes his alone time.

The kitties were none too happy when I brought home baby OC, but they've finally warmed up to her (well, mostly Dakota has) recently since she is old enough to not chase them around and pull their tails. Now, she snuggles and pets them gently - most of the time.

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