Saturday, August 20, 2005

Occidental Girl Takes a Vacation

I am off for a week's vacation to a western destination, of course. I am finally living up to my blog name and traveling a bit.

I don't know that I'll have internet access while I am away. I have a laptop my mom gave me which is my computer at home but am debating whether or not to take it. I am leaning toward not. I already have piles of stuff I am taking: books, a cross-stitch project, beading supplies, and a paper journal. That's right, I like to do it the old fashioned way: with a pen! I'll check out the library, and pay for an hour's internet usage if they have it. That way I can post, check my email, and read my usual blogs.

Is it a bad thing or good thing to worry about getting far behind on blog reading and emails when you're headed off on a restful vacation in order to get away from it all? I think it's very contradictory, but I also get it. I love reading the blogs I read, and emailing friends and family. It's a nice, practically free way to stay connected. That connection is essential when A) you like your family and friends and want to talk to them, and B) your family and friends are not in the same city, and furthermore C) even those who are in the same city, you don't see on what could be called any kind of a regular basis due to jobs, kids, and living life. I miss them, though.

This is a very luxurious vacation by myself, but also very necessary. I will miss my daughter and fiance very much, but I will be a much more rested, settled mother and fiance by doing this. I think that is important, and heck, I think I am important enough to warrant this! OC is going to spend the week with her grandparents who have horses, and where she will likely spend time with cousins so she should have fun. OF is a high school football coach, and daily doubles begin next week. He should be so busy, he might hardly notice I am gone. I planned it this way so he would be distracted. It's very hard to leave, but I need to do this for so many reasons.

Case in point: Friday morning, I was swamped with a person standing at my desk, going through every detail they needed done on a project. I couldn't go to coffee with my coworkers, which is actually more like a cookie break for me. (Half price on day old cookies, yippee! And sometimes, I even buy them for full price, I am so frivolous that way.) So anyway, I couldn't go to break, and they brought back a full price cookie for me. I feel so cared for.

Oh, brother, I am such a sap.

I will return in a week, with new pictures!

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