Friday, August 05, 2005

Once Again, It's Photo Friday

Here are the photos I promised, and not a cheeseball smile to be found. She is so cute, wanting to do the same things that I am doing. I let her choose her beads, and string them however she liked.

She made a necklace, but I don't think it's long enough. I'll give her a longer string and have her add to it, then finish it for her. Believe me, I soaked up every second of it. I know that one day all too soon she won't care a fig what her mother does, much less want to join me.

You may be wondering what the pictures from way back in January were doing being uploaded to an August post (yesterday's). I didn't have a blog back in January, for one thing. For another, I wanted an excuse to post photos. Ok, the truth is I didn't have anything interesting to say. At this point you might be thinking, "That's happened before, and you haven't let that stop you from posting!" If you thought that, then you are a smartass. While I admire that quality well enough on most days, it turns out that today I am not in the mood. So enjoy the pictures and keep those smart-alecky thoughts to yourself.

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