Monday, August 15, 2005

Wedding A Go-Go

When I took OC to school this morning, we put her things away like usual and then she went over to the drinking fountain. I heard her say, “Get a load of this! There’s no stool.” The stepstool that is normally in front of the fountain wasn't there. What I want to know is, where did she get the ‘get a load of this’ schtick?!?

The wedding invitations came back last week from the printer. On Saturday four of my girlfriends, including my sister, came by to help me get them addressed and ready to mail. We quickly whipped through those babies. I would’ve been there for hours if it had just been me. I was so grateful for the help! We had such fun, too. There was food and nonstop conversation, aided by a big pitcher of mojitos.

Once the invitations were done, we made some beaded table decorations for the reception. They are simple loops of monofilament with beads on them which will be draped in the middle of the tables in a ring. The idea is the beads will add sparkle and glow from the candles that will also be on all the tables. We finished 8 of these beaded loops, and need 16 total. My sister was a total lifesaver: she offered to print our return address on clear labels for the return reply cards. I hadn’t thought of labels. I was a taskmaster bride, thinking we’d hand write all of that information. 150 times. I am so mean!

After all of this, I feel much relieved that this was accomplished. Last week I was feeling very stressed out about how much there was yet to do, and that I had to remember all of it. I also felt like I was forgetting something. I hate that feeling. I consulted my wedding planning guide, and also my fiance. It turns out I’m not forgetting anything, there is just a LOT to do.

On top of the wedding, we are remodeling the house to expand the bedroom and bathroom. There are bathtubs, fixtures, paint, lighting, and more that need to be chosen. It’s all very exciting, but also every so slightly stressful. My fiance is really helpful and willing to do pretty much whatever I need help with doing. I'm not complaining, this is all very fun! I like planning this wedding, I like picking out bathroom fixtures! It's just hard to fit in the full time job and regular life things with everything else. And frankly, I'd rather be doing all wedding and remodeling things, all the time. Well, that and I need to find some bon-bons and a couch on which to park my ass and relax (on the couch, that is; the bon-bons, I will eat).

Two months to go!

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