Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yous Guys

It seems as though I am now one of you. You wouldn’t know just by looking at me. While I sit on the bus or at my desk, you might think that pensive look on my face means I’m contemplating world economic models in light of a new free trade agreement and what it will mean for the domestic economy; Or it could look to be as though I were considering which person looks least crazy on the afternoon bus, and therefore who I will sit near. You probably wouldn’t guess what I was really thinking about. I will admit it to you, my friends, that I am generally not guilty of such lofty thought (although I do listen to NPR!), but most likely I am sitting there composing my next blog entry. Right there in front of you!

I have read about this on other blogs, most notably in the “farewell, I’m taking a break” titled entries. The blogger in such a case will mention that they spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about their blog, or editing their entries, and need to take a break from this all-consuming activity. They often mention their social life is lacking, they need to get out more, and the like.

I can understand that sentiment. I think about my blog a LOT. I don’t have a lot of extra time, but the extra time I do have, I tend to think about what I might write next. After all, I want to write about things that warrant forethought. My goals are lofty: I want to write well! I want to be funny! All of this takes effort. I don’t think I’ve succeeded at any of this, but I want to work on it. This will be a great forum to work out my style, to have archives available to reread (somewhat painfully) and to learn from. Like just there, I ended my sentence with a preposition! That’s so wrong. I need to quit writing like I speak, which is just plain bad grammar.

I applaud the efforts on the part of bloggers everywhere who write well, and take the time to compose meaningful, funny, sweet, sad, and otherwise emotive musings on whatever happens to be running through their mind or going on in their lives. You are my heroes!

I find most things fascinating, when well-written.The internet is full of crap, and needs thoughtful writing as an way to balance it all out. I don’t want to be one of the crappers. So I think about my next entry. A lot. I feel like you now. I only hope to write as well.

Maybe one day.

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